SCAN Secure Access  


On April 3rd we will be retiring the current version of S.C.A.N. and replacing it with the NEW version of S.C.A.N.. Boldnet Neo, Boldnet Silverlight, Smartphone, and legacy PDA access links will be available inside the new SCAN, along with all your forms for New Accounts, Adding Zones, Changes, and Cancellations, and more!

Desktop Access Smartphone/Tablet Access
Click to launch the Desktop (silverlight) account management client.

Click to launch the Smartphone & Tablet account management client.


click here for the legacy pda client.

Downloadable Apps  
Alternatively, you are able to download native smartphone and tablet apps from these respective device stores.

Online Forms Education & Training Classes
Our online forms allow you to enter new accounts, submit updates to existing accounts, and cancel accounts. Click for access. Click for details on our education and training classes.











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